Financing of vaccination campaigns

Panel discussions

Sponsorships for orphans

Support for the educational system

Support for emergency hospitals in Syria

Kindergarten for war orphans

Reconstruction of school buildings

Support for war widows and orphans

A van sent to Syria, 2013

School children express their gratitude

How can I help?

Since 2012, the association Tübinger Syrienhilfe e.V. has provided humanitarian aid for civilians in Syria. As the number of active members of the association dropped considerably in 2017 and 2018, we had to liquidate the association in 2019.

We sincerely thank all our supporters and sponsors for their longstanding and generous support. These donations provided for very specific aid for the suffering population in Syria.

The contents on the German and English webpages reflect the state of our projects by mid-2018.

  • Becoming a member of our association
  • Raising funds
    You can run a fundraising campaign in support of our association. As it is impossible to transport in-kind contributions to the heartland of Syria at the moment, we only accept financial donations. By virtue of your donations, the humanitarian committee working in Erbin (see “Who we are”) can purchase basic goods, medical equipment, and drugs in neighbouring regions or countries.
  • Supporting a war orphan
    With 15 euros per month, you support an orphan in our sponsorship programme. Upon acceptance of an orphan sponsorship, you will receive the child’s contact information. You can get in touch with the orphan, and maybe you can even go and see it in a couple of years. The sponsorship has a minimum duration of 6 months, but it may continue until the child reaches the age of 18. We guarantee that your contributions will be handed over to the child’s guardian and that it will be used to cover the child’s most urgent needs. Method of payment: Direct debit scheme or standing order (sponsorship form).
  • Spread the word around
    You can help us increase our association’s publicity, e.g., on facebook or youtube.
  • Make room for an information evening
    If you are interested in Syria or in our work, you can help us organize an information evening on Syria. It will be sufficient for you to provide us with the venue, and we will take care of the rest. The event may be a conference on the crisis in Syria, a panel discussion followed by a general discussion with the audience, or an information evening with photographs and films. We are looking forward to any kind of invitation, recommendation, or suggestion.
  • Distributing
    information leaflets, brochures, posters…
  • With suggestions and ideas
    on how we can improve our work.
  • Writing
    texts, songs, and music promoting freedom and human dignity, and opposing injustice and tyranny.
  • If you have yet another idea on how to support our work, just get in contact with us.

    Even the smallest contribution helps us to alleviate the poverty and misery caused by the war.